Natural Super 7 crystal with Moon Charm Double Layer Design Bracelet超七月亮吊饰设计手链


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超7水晶同时共生了七种矿物,包含 紫水晶,茶晶,白水 晶,黄磷铁矿,针铁矿,纤维矿,金红石。 超7能量是數一數二的強,全方面的功效,包括 : 财富、爱情、人缘、亲情,贵人、沟通、灵性、平衡、治疗等等。超七能让运气好转,能量非常全方位,配戴者可以事事順利。有放大镜功效,与其他水晶一起配戴,可以加強其他水晶的能量。 适合:工作不顺利,全方位功效,提升运气,赚钱

{Super Seven}

1. Strengthen the human gas field. 2. It is helpful to promote the energy of the top chakra and the eyebrow heart chakra, and to heal the wounds in the physical and mental fields. 3. Enhance personal temperament and charm. 4. It helps attract good marriage. 5. Relieve mental fatigue, which will make the wearer energetic and brain active. It is quite suitable for people who are not energetic, energetic or concentrated. 6. Enhance the harmony and friendliness of interpersonal relationship